Most Wanted List

This will be the area where we place hard to find designs, or include some photos for some designs where we need to get better resources for (bigger photos, logos or logo scans)

   West Greene 2010 Logo  This is the best shot we have been able to obtain. If anyone can provide a better look it would be greatly appreciated.
 Upper Saint Clair 1978 Logo USC has worn a plain black helmet for many, many years now. However, here is a newspaper shot of this scripted U S C unfortunately at a bad angle. If someone can come up with a better view that would be great.

If you have any information that can lead to the update of any of these items please Contact Us at PA Helmet Project Headquarters.


Cases Solved

Juniata Valley 2012 Logo (left side) Research analyst Tim Swailes came up with a detailed look at the design!!
Mastery Charter 2011 late season logo main researcher came up with the logo. Thanks again Tim!
 Sayre 2010 Logo Copy of the exact logo design was submitted by a Sayre student. Thank you!
Freedom 2009 Logo This one has been updated although what we have is just a representation of the logo, not an exact copy of the logo.
Baldwin 2009 Logo  Logo submitted by Head Coach
Baldwin 2008 Logo Found what appears to be logo on team's web site


A large selection of classic full length football games can be found at

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